身につける人が物語を感じるような アクセサリーをセレクトしたショップです。
作家が作品に込めた想いは ギャラリーのような店内で丁寧に紐解かれ、
手に取った人が自由な発想で装う事で 「物語」となり循環してゆきます。

 Distant View of an Alchemist


 “About a night spins voidness and its bodies"


There is an antique store that deserves a special place at Ueno Flea Market.

The store is called OUTLAW BROTHERS. It is filled with experimenting

equipments and stuffed animals you wouldn't normally see at other stores.

Mantam, the owner of Outlaw Brothers,

made his way through word of month and has been a central figure

 in speciality antique sellers in Tokyo.

One of the notable fans is Jan Švankmajer, Czech film director /animator,

who visits Mantam every time he's in Japan.

Lately, his objects made with old found items and carcasses

from his store have been introduced to new audiences

 in relation with Parabolica Bis, Tokyo Gallery

and its surrealistic approaches largely influenced by Peyotl Kobo,

 a legendary Japanese publisher in Phantastic literature.


"Why he collect?"

Some might not understand why Mantam's customers share such an

ambiguous yet primitive human urge and keep coming back to him for more.

The main theme for his collection is "voidness"; it consists of worn tools,

carcasses, and things that had fulfilled their potentials.


"Mortality and Revitalization "

"The birth of new culture requires death" says Mantam.

Though his method of creating objects is merely reconstructions

of the antique items, their themes always imply death.

Think about the connection between "Festivities" and "Sacrifices".

Funeral festivities can be his preferred theme like circus yet it is a primitive

inspiration for his creation.

His pieces have been photographed and distributed on the internet.

 However, one can't get away from their aura.

that is, aura radiated from his objects, aura of "Mortality".

This exhibition presents his creations and various articles which he colleced

with his aesthetic sense though it is not an approach of

his two side as a creator.

It presents the  smell of "Death" he owns, “aura” itself and

 “karma” in this exhibition.

マンタム個展 「 錬金術師の遠望 」


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